Declaration of Nullity Support

A collaborative ministry between the Metropolitan Tribunal and the Marriage and Family Ministries Offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

After a divorce an annulment or Declaration of Nullity, the legal term,  is required if you wish to remarry in the Catholic Church. Many parishes now offer Annulment Support Ministry to help you start the paperwork and provide you with some pastoral support for the challenges in completing the process.

In the annulment process, an inquiry is made as to the capacity of the couple at the time they exchanged consent to enter a sacramental marriage as the Church intends. Often, upon investigation, a discovery is made that some essential element was missing. Many people feel an inner peace and spiritual closure after going through the process.

Steps to the declaration of nullity process:

  • Obtain the beginning application form from your local parish or download one here. Click on Applilcation in the column on the right. 
  • Complete the form, after your pastoral minister has signed it, and mail it into the Tribunal office.
  • Respond to any requests from the Tribunalwriting your testimony, producing documents, etc.
  • Set a timeline to complete this work within a few months of receiving the forms from the Tribunal.
  • Ask for help from an Annulment Support minister if you get stuck.
  • Keep copies of everything you send to the Tribunal.
  • Stay in contact with your case through your Field Advocate, Annulment Support minister or pastoral minister.