Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass

The annual Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass for 2014 was yesterday, September 14 at 2:45 PM at Holy Name Cathedral. Cardinal George presided and almost 500 couples married 50 years attended. Despite some complications with renovations and protective scaffolding at Holy Name, many couples were able to attend a beautiful Mass and many stood in line for almost an hour to greet and have a picture taken with the Cardinal afterwards.

We are grateful for the help of all the volunteers, Holy Name, Standard Parking, Naples Bakery and all the Jubilarians that made yesterday such a special day. We will be posting pictures here soon.

ABC 7 news has a little bit of coverage. In a few weeks, it will be covered more extensively on Sanctuary on ABC on a Sunday morning in October.

True Soul Mates: Couples married 50 years share their advice for a successful marriage

Wisdom and humor collected from the 2014 annual Golden Wedding Anniversary survey sent to couples married 50 years. $15 each.

To order the book click here or call 312.534.8351.

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