Premarital Inventory and Evaluation

The premarital inventories recommended by the Archdiocese as being both research and scientifically based with a Catholic understanding of marriage are the Catholic Couple Check Up or FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Caring Communication Understanding and Study). Both inventories are taken online.

Catholic Couple Check Up: Couples taking the Catholic Couple Check Up receive a twenty page report on their relationship with a discussion guide tailored to their individual situations immediately after completing the inventory. The Catholic Couple Check Up was developed for our office by Life Innovations, developers of the well known Prepare Enrich marriage preparation inventory. The cost is $29.95 through our website, and is included for free in the online marriage prep program, as part of the package. Although it is not necessary to meet with a coach, couples are encouraged to bring the results to the priest or deacon or coach to go over it together.

FOCCUS: If your parish wants you to take FOCCUS,  ask them directly about how to take it.