Lifelong marriage

The Catholic community believes marriage happens with the help of the Lord and is a relationship that parallels the love of Christ for his people. It is a lifelong commitment to one other person and a dwelling place of God's spirit. Christian marriage is a demanding vocation that needs the support and encouragement of the entire community.

Research is finding that marriage education and enrichment are important for marriages that want to stay healthy.

Your marriage needs renewal and support. This can be done in simple and spontaneous ways, or it can involve more structured and long-term planning.

To date over 700,000 couples have used our most popular marriage preparation workbook, A Marriage in the Lord. Our Spanish language resources are also very popular and used around the world. We offer comprehensive training and the most up-to-date resources for couples to learn to use Natural Family Planning. We can assist couples who are struggling in their relationship to recapture the love and vision that brought them together. We can steer you to programs that provide Catholic marriage help and recommend Catholic marriage counseling if needed. Research shows that many couples may not need counseling if they can attend Catholic marriage education and communication classes to strengthen their relationships. Marriage and Family Ministries offers programs and resources for couples to build a lifelong marriage.


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