A family is a collection of individuals, but it is also a living and developing system whose members are essentially interconnected. Any event or circumstance, such as a birth, a death, or sudden unemployment affects the whole family. Parents, by word and example teach the faith to their children. Families pass on Gospel values when they show affection, discipline with dignity, share household chores together. Reconciling after a disagreement or sitting down together for a meal are holy, grace-filled activities. 

Dr. Kathleen Chesto says, “Every parent who loves a child is called to teach and model the God who is love. Every time we pick up a crying baby we teach the first, the most important lesson on prayer: when you cry out, someone answers. Until you believe this, you cannot pray.”

Strong Catholic Families
Partnering with Parents to Bring Home the Faith

The Strong Catholic Families, Strong Catholic Youth initiative helps to strengthen the family to pass on the faith. This is a process of establishing a Strong Catholic Family team of parishioners that will help to engage families and meet their needs. Parents and caregivers are shown the research about the importance of faith in the lives of their children and the parish partners with the family to help them with the task of forming faith filled children.
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Amy Stanislawski is a parent on the Strong Catholic Family team. Hear her thoughts on the initiative.
Colleen Walery, the Catechetical Leader and Christine Collins, the Youth Minister at Our Lady of the Woods Parish will share their thoughts on the initiative.

The staff will show you some ways they have incorporated the initiative in their parish.