Divorce is never part of your plan for life. When you married, you intended it to last a lifetime. Now, there are serious complications in your relationship or you may be divorced, and it may be a time of grief and pain.

The Catholic Church is present during these difficult times, and offers guidance, support, and resources through Divorce Ministry for divorced Catholics and non-Catholics that wish to obtain the strength needed to move forward through the journey of personal growth.

We invite you to take some time to learn about the resources listed on this page. Please call 312.534.8353 for additional information.


  • The Third Option – For hurting couples, who see only two options (painful endurance or divorce). The Third Option means reconciliation.
  • Retrouvaille – A program to help couples heal and renew their marriages.
  • Divorce Busting – Helps couples stop divorce and get their marriage back on track.
  • Institute for Marital Healing – Strengthening Catholic marriages and families.
  • No divorce today – A free guide separated or separating spouses can use to protect their children and themselves and keep open the possibility of a happy reunification.
  • BAN - Beyond Affairs Network.




Declaration of Nullity (Annulment) Information about and help in the annulment process: Contact the Chicago Metropolital Tribunal.


  • Smart Step Families – Site that provide Christian resources for single parents, dating couples with kids, and step families.
  • Step Carefully – For stepparents. 



  • Between Two Worlds – Learn about the inner lives of children of divorce.
  • Up To Parents - A free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.
  • Rainbows – Helps children recover from loss through divorce, death, or crisis.



  • Counseling - Professional counselors and therapists who support Catholic teaching.
  • Center for Contextual Change – A group of nationally recognized and highly trained psychotherapists specialized in relationship issues.



  • Family Bridges - Classes to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships.



What the Church says about divorce - Code of Canon Law