Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass

Are you celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary in 2015? you'll want to attend this!

The annual Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass for 2015 will be on Sunday, August 30 at 2:45 PM at Holy Name Cathedral.  Archbishop Cupich will preside at the Mass. Couples married 50 years are invited to attend and will be able to attend the Mass and reception afterwards.

You can register by calling us at 312.534.8351 or below. Invitations will be mailed out in late June.

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Congratulations! Being married for fifty years is such a wonderful achievement. I’m sure you have looked at each other and asked, “How did we manage to stay together for fifty years?”

Our office is responsible for marriage preparation in the Archdiocese and who knows more about marriage than you, who have lived the true meaning of “for better or for worse?”

Here’s your chance to be heard! Please fill out a survey about your fifty years together. Some answers will be compiled into a booklet to be used in a variety of ways, and we’ll post some on our website.  We’ll send you a free copy to thank you for your participation in this project. We have been doing this for twelve years, and many Jubilarians have enjoyed being a part of the project.

Pictures from the 2014 Mass: If you want to see the pictures, click on the picture below and it will bring you to the album on our Facebook page. Click on the picture, and in the upper right corner if will say Previous or Next, and you can click on that to see each picture. Clicking on the videos below will start the videos.   


 True Soul Mates: Couples married 50 years share their advice for a successful marriage

Wisdom and humor collected from the 2014 annual Golden Wedding Anniversary survey sent to couples married 50 years. $15 each.

To order the book click here or call 312.534.8351.



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Because we expect about 500 couples to attend, there is only enough room in the Cathedral for the Jubilarian couples. One or two family members can view the Mass on closed-circuit in the auditorium of the school next door, and meet their Jubilarian couple for the reception afterwards. 

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  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass - Register here if you are a couple married 50 years in 2015 for the Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at Holy Name Cathedral at 2:45 PM. Please note that registration is just for the Jubilarian couples.